Random Ramblings #10: International GM’s Day Edition

Happy International GM’s Day!

It’s been a while, both from me and this column. But things are looking good. So I’m back with another Random Ramblings installment in order to tell you how I’ve been and also randomly ramble. Let’s go!

Chris! Where have you been!?

I’ve been here all the time. I was just really really quiet. As I had mentioned I had to catch up with university after I finished my thesis. It took me the whole semester to catch up and then exam season hit. It was a bloodbath, kinda.

As usual the exam schedule wasn’t in favor of me. But somehow I managed to do well enough to consider it a successful exam season. I’m still a bit salty for not passing an exam because I didn’t do a division, in a non mathematics course, but we live and learn. Next time, me along with half of the class will do that damn division and get our passing grade.

I don’t want to bore you with that stuff any longer. The previous semester has been exhausting, and this one is going to be as well. Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to post more often. Hopefully…

International GM’s Day!

This installment’s title is dedicated to this day. Today is the International GM’s Day. It also doubles as the day Gary Gygax passed away. If you want to know more about Gary Gygax, I suggest giving “Empire of Imagination” a read. You know what? Since it’s GM’s day you can give it as a present to your GM as well!

Weird emails

I got a weird email about my blog. They wanted me to take part in a database of sites that create backlinks for other sites and get paid for it. Or they wanted me to pay so I can get backlinks for my blog. The email was worded poorly.

As a future computer engineer, I can tell you this could end up hurting your site, no matter if you are the one paying or getting paid. It’s a way to increase a site’s standing in the various search engines. I know that at least Google doesn’t like this and purges farms like that whenever one is found. So just a heads up if you are a website owner and get an email like this.

I was on a podcast!

Technically, it’s a pilot. But it was fun nevertheless. The new podcast is called “More than meets the die” and I think that’s a really catchy name. The host is Dominic Parry from Nine Dragons RPG and he will be interviewing people from the tabletop community. I like podcasts that have this format so I hope this becomes a thing. You can check out the pilot episode here (it’s a patreon link but don’t worry, you can listen to the episode). It was a really fun thing to do and that’s one thing checked off my bucket list. I like RPG podcasts and I’ve been wanting to be in one since I found out about them. And if I got the chance to be again in one, I’d be happy to do so. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Character Creation Tables

They have been updated! That’s all about it. I think I’ve included all the options that have been released since I last updated the tables, including the new Artificer. Also, I can’t believe it’s a Silver Best Seller. Thank you.


Speaking of the Artificer, an analysis on it will be up this week. Need to finish a review first and I’ll get to it. I took a quick look and, in my opinion, it may be looking more like an Artificer this time. But I also have a question! Do you want me to cover the Unearthed Arcana installments I’ve missed? At least the ones that are still relevant. Please let me know!

Ghosts of Saltmarsh

And last but not least, I need to mention the next D&D 5th Edition book release, Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This book will be in the style of Tales from the Yawning Portal, as in it will include older adventures that have been refined for the 5th Edition experience.

That’s a weird way to go fishing

These adventures come from the U series and the Dungeon magazine:

  • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
  • Danger at Dunwater
  • The Final Enemy
  • Salvage Operation
  • Isle of the Abbey
  • Tammeraut’s Fate
  • The Styes

I’d love to say that I have any experience with them, but I started playing D&D at 4th Edition so I didn’t have the chance to try them. This means I’m really excited about this book because I have a thing for older D&D content.

All adventures have been faithfully adapted to the fifth edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons. Furthermore, this book includes details on the port town of Saltmarsh, as well as plenty of hooks to kick-off each adventure. Play through each story in a seafaring campaign leading characters from level 1 through level 12, or pull out sections to place in ongoing campaigns in any setting. The appendices also cover mechanics for ship-to-ship combat, new magic items, monsters, and more!

The book will be out on the 21st of May and will also come in an alternate cover version. Which reminds me that I need to go to my LGS and tell the owner to reserve me a copy. But, to be honest, he probably already knows that I NEED that alternate cover version.

So cute!

What I’ve been working on

I’ve mentioned these projects publicly (on the podcast mentioned above) so I should also mention them here. I have started working on a system with my best friend, Anastasios from The Random Encounter blog. It is going to be a sci-fi oriented system. The two other traits I hope we’ll manage to give it is modularity and simplicity. Those two, of course, will be connected. Is there any interest in me doing design updates? Let me know.

Another thing I’m working with Anastasios is a monster supplement focused on insects. We’ll be making a nice collection of insects that you will want to use in your games. I need to make a confession at this point. I don’t like insects. I really don’t. And the irony to that is that I really pushed for this idea so I can’t complain about anyone other than me. Doing research on them is both intriguing but also highly disturbing. I mean, there are centipedes that hunt bats. BATS! Anyway. If you want us to include a specific insect let me know. I’m willing to suffer more if the end result will enrich your game, and terrify your players.

I think that’s all I can talk about. Hopefully, something else I’m working on will be released this month. It’s not a supplement or anything like that but I don’t want to say any more.

Determining Ability Scores

I have noticed that the article about determining ability scores has been getting a ton of views. And that’s not recent. I’ve been checking out the stats for the past few months and it tends to be the top post daily.

That can mean two things. Something is clickbaity about it and people find themselves there. I don’t want this to be true and, also, I don’t think it is true.

The second speculation of mine is that people actually search for this part of character generation and find this article useful. This is what I hope is happening because I’m not doing this blogging thing for getting clicks, but in order to help others who have found interest in our beautiful hobby.

But this whole thing made me wonder if more articles of the sort would interest you. I’m talking about character generation and explaining various mechanics and rules of systems. I’d probably start with D&D 5th Edition because I feel quite comfortable with the system, but I can do this for other systems if you like.

Thank you

This post is already too long but I must say this before I leave you to your day. Thank you for staying with me even while I wasn’t that active. Thank you for engaging with me, either here on the blog or on social media. This means a lot to me.

And until next time, have fun!

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