Kickstarter – Dice Charger by Q-Workshop

Dice have leveled up.

A meme has been floating around the Internet lately and the timing couldn’t be better.

I’ll let you guess which one I am

There’s a Kickstarter by Q-Workshop with 12 days left. It has already been funded and there’s a good chance you’ve already seen it because it’s awesome. But in case you haven’t let me tell you about it.

The Q-Workshop Team was kind enough to send me a prototype of the Dice Charger so I can get a first hand idea of what it is and how it works. So, what is the Dice Charger?

It is a dice cup that makes glow in the dark dice glow brighter and for a longer period of time. It uses a motion activated mechanism that, when shaken, bathes the dice in UV lighting. This, indeed, makes their glow more satisfying.

Die for scale

The Dice Charger is made from real leather and includes 3D-printed elements. I like seeing 3D printing used in our hobby because it opens new options in various areas, such as dice and miniatures.

I’ve been saying things that, while informative, you can find on your own if you go to the Kickstarter page. All Game Masters know it’s better to show than tell. So I turned off the lights in my room and put the Dice Charger to the test.

So shiny

These are Q-Workshop dice. The bottom three are classic transparent dice painted with glow in the dark paint. The one on the top, that’s also the coolest looking, is a Nuke glow in the dark dice set. The Dice Charger could have been designed to work with Q-Workshop dice. But no.

Of course I have glow in the dark dice. And this particular one isn’t from Q-Workshop. I have to admit I’ve never seen it glow that beautifully.

So, is it worth it? If you are an owner of glow in the dark dice, you’d be missing out. Glow in the dark dice exist mostly because they’re beautiful. They don’t add to the game, mechanics wise. The Dice Charger makes them look even more amazing. If you don’t have glow in the dark dice but you like dice in general, I also suggest checking out the Kickstarter because it features some pretty cool glow in the dark dice sets, including metal ones.

I am confident the Q-Workshop Team will be able to deliver a very good product. I have bought dice and accessories in the past and I was very pleased with everything. The only complaint I have is that I didn’t get those beautiful Japanese hand painted dice and I’m still regretting it.

You can give the Kickstarter a look here, if you’re interested.

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