DMs Guild Release – Enchanted Tools

I made a thing!

I will keep this short. I joined forces with a friend and we created a thing. What is this thing? It’s a set of magical tools for D&D 5th Edition. We call them Enchanted Tools.

The use of tools, and crafting in general, in 5e is greatly lacking. I ran a poll on Twitter about the use of tools. We were already working on this supplement but I wanted to see if others felt the same.

We didn’t want to create a crafting system. At least for now. So we tackled this problem with a simpler approach.

The Enchanted Tools that we have created are 24 in number and cover pretty much every tool from the Player’s Handbook, with the exceptions of gaming sets, musical instruments, and vehicles.

If you get this supplement, let me know what you think.

And until next time, have fun!

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