Review – Venger’s Decks

The Outlander is a new set of decks by Venger’s Decks. They contain combat and non-combat encounters you can use in your sessions or when you prepare for them.

The Outlander deck comes in two versions. The first one contains encounters that have a more detailed structure. Each card presents a hook, a conflict, a resolution, and a twist, leading to an almost self contained mini story. The Outlander Quickening is the second deck. Its encounters are much simpler, comprised of 2-3 sentences each. Both of them do not contain any mechanics tied to a specific system, making them easy to fit in any situation.

Each deck contains 50 cards and each of them is the size of a tarot card. This is helpful, especially for the first deck, because it allows enough information to be written on them without making them hard to read.

One thing that stuck out to me is that some of the hooks seemed quite cliche, but often there were some innovative twists included. Maybe it’s just me, but I have to admit I have been exposed to quite more TTRPG-related information – including plot hooks – than the average player or GM.

Random lot hooks are a tool that can be helpful, but it’s not something that every GM likes to use. Personally, I find them interesting, since they can get my inspiration going. The card format can be particularly useful in some situations, especially during a session, where looking up tables in a book or on the internet can take more time than it should.

The decks will be available soon, in early 2020. Check the website for more information if you’re interested in this accessory. There are also the pre-order pages if you want to be in the first wave of purchases.

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