#RPGaDay 2020: Day 17 – Comfort

Home is where you feel comfortable. And my home is the GM’s chair.

Tabletop RPGs are games. It even says so in their name. The way I see it, games are played for various reasons, some of which are to relax, have fun, and get together with friends who you may not be able to see that often.

Some of said reasons can have requirements. One of these requirements is being comfortable. “Comfortable with what?”, you may ask. Well I’m glad you posed such and excellent question.

Feeling comfortable in a game has multiple variables in order to be achieved. One of those is your role in the game. Being a Game Master is something you may not like, because it can get stressful and confusing.

Another one can be the game. Not just the system, but the theme and the elements presented in a session. You may want to explore different elements when you are in a specific mindset, but when you just want to relax you may just need ones you’re comfortable with.

Of course, there’s also the issue of the other players. Humans don’t go well with each other, so it’s natural that you cannot play with every other player out there. There can be many reasons for that. Different play style, different game elements that want to be explored, just bad behaviour.

These are really important issues. Thankfully, they aren’t as important as before online gaming became widely available. Now you can easily choose all of the variables I mentioned above much more easily. Being stuck with a game group because it’s the only one in the city isn’t a problem anymore. I know that the feeling may not be the same as with gaming on the table, but it’s an available alternative for when you want something else other than your group.

And that’s all for today. I’m behind schedule for these posts so don’t be surprised if you see a couple more following this one. There were some technical issues and I wasn’t able to write. The next word is “meet”.

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