#RPGaDay 2020: Day 19 – Tower

Towers are a pretty good way to explain a ton of things.

I’m a bit behind on my RPGaDay posts. There are a few reasons for that so I’ll be sharing some with you. Let’s begin with a simple one. I had a really important visitor the last few days, which was my girlfriend. Since she’s not living here, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.

But let’s move on to the subject, which is towers, and why they are a good way to explain how mastering things feels like.

Imagine a tower that has an unknown number of rooms. Its door is locked and there are no windows. The only way to go inside is through the door. You can break the door itself, its lock, pick the lock, et cetera. The point is there is no correct way to enter; anything is an acceptable solution.

Now let’s talk internal layout. The floors are divided in groups of five. Each group has five floor layouts that are randomly distributed to the floors. Which means there’s some randomness in tower floors.

Each floor features a challenge. That could be monsters, puzzles, or anything else that could stand between you and going up to the next floor. And since there’s some randomness in the floor distribution, the difficulty can fluctuate as you climb the tower. And the previous floor could be a bit more difficult than the next one.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

Now swap the tower with the process of mastering a new skill, or learning a new hobby. Breaking into it can be hard, depending on how you do it. Learning something new, or getting better at it, has some sort of difficulty. And, most importantly, not everyone follows the same path in their new hobby.

And this can be applied on our hobby. Breaking into the tabletop RPG hobby is different for everyone. You may start as a player or as a GM. Learning the basics of a system can be your first move, or you could focus more on something else. However, you will go through both floors, but just in a different order.

And, finally, for me the tower of mastering tabletop RPGs has no final floor. As the hobby evolves, more floors appear. Online play is a huge things, and people must adapt. Streaming is really popular too, and playing in a stream has some differences which must be figured out.

So, let’s get climbing!

And that’s all for the word “tower”. The next word is “investigate”!

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