#RPGaDay 2020: Day 21 – Push

Let’s continue the car saga, shall we?

As I mentioned yesterday, I paid a visit to the mechanic again today. He told me to leave and come again next week because he’s busy. However, I did well in my persuasion roll and ended up agreeing to come back on Thursday.

Then I spent a good chunk of the day looking for bureaucracy paperwork.

In days like these you just have to push on and hope to learn something from them. Just like in some sessions.

Yeah, there are some sessions that aren’t the pinnacle of your GMing skill. They slow down, make you struggle, and leave you exhausted when they’re over. Still, you need to push on and try to make the best out of them. And then you have some soul searching to do, over what went wrong, what could be done differently, and how the bad parts could be avoided.

And that’s all for this one. Next up is the word “rare”.

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