#RPGaDay 2020: Day 25 – Lever

I have a question.

Before I ask my question, let me just state my train of thought. When I think of levers, my mind goes straight to dungeons filled with all sorts of traps. That’s a very simple train of thought for this one. But let’s move on.

So, imagine an ancient temple that has been devoured by the earth and is now underground. The parts that were restricted to the public were armed with all sorts of complex mechanical traps in order to protect the holy relics.

A thousand years later, adventurers find their way into the temple and fall victim to those traps. But how did they manage to work after so many years? If some are magical ones, then it could make sense because in some cases magic lingers even after the death of the caster.

Awesome map logo (click on it)

When it comes to mechanical parts, it feels a little strange that things haven’t rusted to the point of collapsing, doesn’t it? Of course, I’m not judging the decision of anyone using traps in ancient places. I do that as well. It’s just one of those unspoken agreements that we don’t really pay much attention to these details.

And that’s all for this one. How do you justify working traps, and other things, in ancient abandoned dungeons in your world? The next word is “strange”. Hm…that’s a weird one…

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