#RPGaDay 2020: Day 27 – Favour

I want to ask for a favour.

Actually, I want to ask for a few of them.

The first one, is that I want you to be kind to each other. Everything can be solved through dialog and there’s no reason to attack each other indiscriminately.

For the next one, I’d like to ask you to support small creators. Instead of getting a $5 coffee one day, get a game from a smaller designer. Instead of spending a few hundreds of <insert your preferred currency here> on dice in one month, spend 10 dubloons/gold/euros/dollars/etc less on them and get something else from a smaller creator. I guarantee you, you will make that creator’s day.

Finally, I’d like to ask you to share my articles every now and then. Just the ones you enjoy, of course. Sharing someone’s work is really important. Others will see it and may find a new creator they like. Oh, and subscribing to my YouTube channel and mailing list would be absolutely amazing!

And that’s all for this one. This was a kinda selfish post, but sometimes it’s important to talk about stuff like that. Anyway, the next word is “close”.

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