Kickstarter – Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold for 5E

Jeff Stevens, a very successful DMs Guild creator, is running a Kickstarter Project.

Adventures from the Potbellied Kobold is a collection of 15 short adventures written for D&D 5th Edition. They are designed for the game master who needs a quick encounter, short adventure, starting point for a larger campaign, or even a short campaign. Plus, while they are designed to work individually, they can be linked together.

Moreover, the supplement makes use of monsters found in the supplements Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex, by Kobold Press. However, there are basic rules alternatives that cover those creatures, in case you do not have those assets available.

Apart from Jeff, the project features many successful writers contributing to it, as well as cartographers.

The project is scheduled to launch on October 6th. You can check out the prelaunch page and subscribe to get a notification when it goes live.

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