Kickstarter – Zargoth’s Tome of Familiars for 5e by Arcana Games

A new supplement from the creators of Arkadia, an ENNIE award winning setting.

Zargoth’s Tome of Familiars is a new supplement of companion creatures exclusively for fifth edition. Zargoth’s Tome expands on 5e, adding options for players to gain new familiars, companions, and pets to accompany them on their journeys. Through feats players can choose to gain access to different families of fantastical creatures, from young monsters to undead servants. There are even feats that allow players to create their own companions by crafting them using an artificer’s tools or growing them in an alchemist’s laboratory. Each familiar is presented like a creature from a monster manual, with illustrations, lore, and unique mechanics.

“Find Familiar is one of my favorite spells. Having a companion can really bring a character to life.” Eugene Fasano, creator of Zargoth’s Tome of Familiars, “There’s something for all players, in here, from cute baby versions of iconic monsters to terrifying symbiotic aberrations.” Zargoth’s Tome of Familiars is available on Kickstarter in PDF and hardcover form. The book is a manual of over 200 new familiars and companions for 5e.

There are various companion types and you get access to them through a feat. These types are.

  • Bonded  are creatures a character creates an unshakable bond with and raises them as their own. These can be a Blinkdog Pup, a Flailing Snailing, or a Displacer Cub.
  • Tinker are creatures created by the character, such as a Quicksilver Fox, a Clockwork Spider, or a Bronzeback Armadillo
  • Necromancer. A character raises an undead minion as a familiar.
  • Symbiotic Host. Create a symbiotic link with a creature such as the Gibbering Arm, the Silent Lurker, or the Spine Worm. This, however, comes at a cost.
  • Alchemist. You make friends in jars such as a Green Ooze, a Sanguine Lampreys, or Pickled Watcher (that sounds horrific and interesting at the same time).
  • Devil Pact. Striking a bargain with a devil lord can have many consequences. One can be acquiring (or getting the burden) of an imp minion such as a Thieving Devil, a Feasting Devil, or a Flayer Devil.

The way of implementing a companion system sounds very interesting. You can even get a preview from the Kickstarter page so make sure to check it out.

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