DMs Guild Review – Warriors of Sehanine

Warriors of Sehanine is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of levels 3 to 5, by Poison Potion Press.

This adventure can offer 12 to 16 hours of game time, depending on which elements of it are explored by the players. I could argue that it can be also used as a one shot if needed, but it won’t be as fulfilling.

The Story

From the perspective of the characters, the story begins simply. They come across some injured Elves that ask them for help. Their keep, that is located in the Wood of Sharp Teeth, a forest near Baldur’s Gate, has been attacked by a black dragon. The children of one of the survivors are still in the keep, hopefully alive. So the characters are tasked with rescuing the children and, if possible, taking care of the dragon situation.

And that’s where the straightforward part ends because, as soon as they enter the Wood of Sharp teeth, they will find themselves in a system that has lost its balance, with various groups trying to take advantage of that.

The Encounters

There are three main chapters in the adventure. Chapter one provides the necessary background and ways the adventure can begin.

Chapter two is pretty much a sandbox. It talks about places in the Wood of Sharp teeth the characters can visit, as well as some random encounters. The encounters are well written and some of them are tied to the story.

During this chapter, the characters’ actions can affect the next one. Where they go and who they meet affects certain elements of the keep in the next chapter. It gives the feeling to the players that their actions actually matter. This is enhanced by the fact that the number of days the characters spend to reach the keep affects how much the dragon has healed from her fight with the Elves.

This chapter is the reason this adventure has a lot of replayability. One time the characters can visit a druid that is actually a hag and bargain with them, and another time they can fight orcs and kobolds in order to reduce the number of allies the dragon has. They could also run straight to the keep and find the dragon still recovering, but with allies to protect her.

Since I mentioned the hag, I will make a note here. The hag encounter can be expanded to pretty much an adventure within the adventure. There is a whole appendix with notes that add a hag coven and a lot of options on how to approach them.

The third, and final, chapter of the adventure describes the Ravenglade keep, the place were the Elves used to live until the dragon attacked. This is where the final battle with the dragon will take place. As I mentioned, chapter two affects the state of the keep and who is currently in it, as well as how well rested the dragon is.

We get a lot of lore and other information about the keep in this chapter, enough to even use it outside of the adventure. All the areas have beautiful and detailed descriptions. The writing is really good and it doesn’t tire you out. And that’s really good because if you want to run this adventure you need to read it really carefully in order to get a good grasp of the situation.


I am usually more thorough about the story of an adventure in the Story section but this time I wanted to try something a bit different. I kept things quite vague because this adventure has a few interesting twists and turns which I want to mention here. I suggest reading this part only if you are a DM interested in running the adventure, and not a player.

The Elves are actually werewolves and that can play a role in the adventure. It depends on what the players do. There is a chance one of the Elves will accompany the characters. That can be both good and bad. It may be easier for the characters to convince the children that they are there to help if there is a familiar face around. However, even that NPC has their own goals and will go above and beyond to make sure their plans aren’t revealed. This means there is a high chance they will turn against the characters.

The dragon herself is under the heavy influence of a spirit. There is a lot of lore around who that spirit used to be, how it came to be, and what its goals are, which I found interesting. It allows the DM to give more information to the players that could work as a hook for their next adventure. The spirit is always with the dragon and how it is dealt with is important, because depending on whether it is killed before or after the dragon possibly leads to a different conclusion for the adventure.

While I did mention the existence of hags, I didn’t actually talk a lot about them. They’re interested in taking over the forest by using fey spirits, including the Ghostly Fox, a spirit the characters may find and get aid from. This can be as complex as you want. In the “default” version of the adventure, there is one hag and will help the characters in exchange of a favor. The favor is innocent enough that the players may not get suspicious. This could lead to another outcome of the adventure, allowing the DM to have the characters return to liberate the forest from the hags.

The Art

The art in the adventure is really beautiful. The cover, as you can see, is stunning. Most of the art inside the adventure consists of drawings of the NPCs the character will meet, including the dragon. There is also a drawing of the Ravenglade keep that is breathtaking. Finally, the maps that are included cover anything the adventure will require.

Final Words

Overall, Warriors of Sehanine is a brilliant adventure. It can easily be replayed and two playthroughs can have no common encounters until the dragon fight. And even that fight can be different as well and with a different outcome. It covers all three pillars of adventure and I believe it can cater to any playstyle, so I doubt any players will be left without their time to shine.

P.S: Poison Potion Press were kind enough to provide me with a discount code for my readers (yes, that’s you). This link right here can give you a small discount for the adventure if you are fast enough. The discount will be available for the first 25 of you. Enjoy!

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