Map – Autumn Ambush Spot

Thought it was cute. Might delete later.

I took a walk in one of the nearby forests earlier today. It’s located on a hill and some of the less used paths can be very steep. So I came up with an idea for a map.

Before the cold seasons arrive, a lot of merchants load up their carts and move to the southern cities. They are looking to sell their northern stock and stay in a warmer place, as they’re stocking up their new inventory.
The trip, however, is dangerous. The terrain isn’t always friendly and neither are the people. Bandits like camping in ambush spots and taking advantage of the merchants.
What would you do in a case like that, when you’re in a very narrow pass above water and suddenly you’re getting sprinkled with arrows?

Autumn leaves are so beautiful

I made this map using Inkarnate. It’s a nice tool to use when you want to create maps. The learning curve is nowhere near as steep as the slope above. You can get to making maps immediately and slowly start using the tools available in more creative ways.

Oh, and you can get the map here.

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