DMs Guild Review – Palms Passing Parcel & Logistics Guild

Palms Passing Parcel & Logistics Guild is a 22-page supplement for 5th Edition by Ryan Hennessy, introducing a new organization that is active all over Faerun. It has a little bit of everything – lore, items, plot hooks, et cetera.

Content Overview

Overall, I’d split the supplement in 4 sections. In the first section, we have an introduction to the supplement, as well as the background, lore, and organization of the Palms Passing Parcel & Logistics Guild – hereon referred to as PPPLG: an organization of couriers and deliverymen, focused on delivering packages and letters at all costs. Afterwards, we have some new magic items introduced. In the third section, we have some roll tables for environmental hazards and encounters your players-turned-couriers could face, and finally we have some plot hooks/delivery contracts for your players that tie in with some of the official campaigns.

Editing and Layout

Editing is quite fine – I noticed a couple of grammar mistakes here and there, but those were minor exceptions. About the same can be said for layout: there are some pages that seem to have a bit of empty space, but overall everything looks good. As for art, we have the cover image which is certainly quite striking – it gives the feeling of someone traveling very far and through difficult terrain to get to their destination, which is definitely a big part of the Guild’s purpose. Besides that, there are several smaller pieces interspersed throughout the supplement. They are quite standard stock art, but they do serve their purpose of breaking up the text nicely.

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Palms Passing Parcel & Logistics Guild

Now let’s move on to the actual content. First, as I mentioned earlier, we have the lore for PPPLG. We get a bit of a backstory for the man who founded the Guild, a Halfling named Kartuffeus Spritelson from Waterdeep. We also see the way PPPLG is organized; there are 5 different ranks of couriers, and above the is the Board of Directors, with each director representing a courier rank.

Besides that, there is some information that might be more immediately interesting to the players, meaning mostly how much the couriers are getting paid for various tasks and how they advance through the ranks. The system is simple and straightforward: you finish your deliveries successfully, you get prestige markers – and depending on how well the job was done, you might get more or less of them. When you gather enough, you advance to the next rank.


The supplement contains 11 new items. Their function is mostly to assist you with climbing, carrying, moving, and in general long-distance travel through treacherous terrain. What I really like about them is twofold: we get quite a bit of a story for each one, about how they were invented/manufactured; and we also see that some of them work well in conjunction with others, explicitly getting more bonuses, something that I don’t see very often.

Roll Tables & Adventure Hooks

Finally, we have a few things for the GM’s use. First, we have 4 different roll tables, each containing various environmental hazards or general encounters a courier might come across during their travels. Each roll table concerns a different type of terrain: forest, tundra, jungle, and desert. Obviously, you can use these roll tables at any point that travel is involved, not necessarily as part of a delivery trip.

Secondly, we have a total of 13 adventure hooks, giving you the chance to use a PPPLG delivery mission as a springboard to get your players to any of Faerun’s big cities or notable places. This allows you to start new campaigns like Lost Mines of Phandelver or Rime of the Frostmaiden and skip any awkward, forced integration in a previous campaign if your players are part of the PPPLG. The hooks are very well written, although you probably need a bit of background knowledge about the notable people and locations in the Sword Coast and beyond to fully utilize them.

Final Words

Overall, Palms Passing Parcel & Logistics Guild is a very well-written supplement that has a lot to offer. For only $0.99, I’d say it’s quite worth it for the content it has.

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