Salford’s Tabletop Society’s Dungeon a Day Fundraiser

Salford University’s Tabletop Society is running a charity stream!

From 22/3 to 27/3, the tabletop society will be running their Dungeon A Day fundraiser, playing and streaming a DnD session every night. Proceeds go to the Game to Grow nonprofit organization, which uses games – DnD included – for educational and therapeutic activities. You can find the fundraiser page here, with over $1000 already raised!

We at the Salford University Tabletop Gaming Society have exciting news!

From 22nd – 27th March we shall be holding our Dungeon a Day fundraiser. Over the 6 nights we will be streaming a session a night on the society Twitch, with each night’s game featuring a new DM and players. All the sessions are interwoven, with the story culminating on the final night where the DMs become the players. 

We believe Game to Grow is an excellent charity, the way it uses games, like Dungeons & Dragons, to teach children and adults alike how to navigate and socialise in the ever-challenging world is ingenious and so admirable. We are honoured that we can support such a noble cause and we are grateful for any donations you can send their way!

From the bottom of all our hearts – thank you!

Sam Kirk – Chairperson of the Tabletop Gaming Society

The event will obviously run online and completely remotely due to COVID. For additional links, you can find SU Tabletop Society’s Twitter here, their Twitch channel where the event will be streamed here, and the official Game to Grow site here.

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One thought on “Salford’s Tabletop Society’s Dungeon a Day Fundraiser

  1. As one of the gms for the event thank you so much for helping us promote the event. Tabletop gaming has affected us all in a positive way and we want other to be helped by the amazing game of dungeon and dragons. Thank you again

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