DMs Guild Review: Twilight at Eventide

Twilight at Eventide is a collection of 3 short adventures for low-level characters, written by David McDonough.

Lets begin with the setting. We have 3 adventures, all of them taking place in the village of Eventide. They are meant for beginner characters, and can be played sequentially to get from level 1 to 3. You can play them in any order you want, but they will require some minor adjustments in difficulty if they’re not in the order presented. All of the adventures are mostly independent of the setting you want to play them in, but take into account that they focus on the presence and interference of fey creatures.

We get an overview of the village of Eventide, including the notable buildings such as the Inn, blacksmith, healer, et cetera, as well as several of the villagers involved with them. Each villager is given a short backstory, as well as their alignment and statblock (not in full – rather, referenced as e.g. commoner or scout). Finally, there is also a map of the center of the village with the aforementioned buildings in it.

Now let’s look at the adventures. I will preemptively comment on the and say that they are perfect for introducing new players in the game: All of them are self-contained,

The first adventure, A Gem for your Troubles, is quite straightforward and simple, although it allows players to follow a couple of different approaches. It’s meant for level 1 characters, and involves a little bit of everything for a new player to experience: some social interaction in the beginning to get on the road, some exploration and a trip through the forest tracking the target, and finally the confrontation and combat – with the opportunity for some further socializing with the enemies to teach new players that the option to talk exists. The summary is that a merchant has been kidnapped by some strange creatures, and the players must rescue him – as I said, straightforward at a first glance but it has some interesting twists. All in all, I’d call this the perfect introductory adventure.

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The second adventure, The Blacksmith’s Daughter, increases the complexity a bit. The players must investigate a mysterious disappearance and put together various clues, both through talking to people and search for physical evidence. There’s also a bigger emphasis on magic, with the involvement of deals and bargains with the fey and the consequences thereof. This is an excellent continuation from the previous adventure: It ups the stakes, it increases the complexity and difficulty, and introduces the players to new concepts. However, it is still straightforward enough to not confuse them.

Finally, the third adventure, The Hag of Red Crag Rock, once again escalates the situation. Now, players must investigate the disappearances of several people, and involve themselves with more powerful fey creatures: a hag and a dryad. Here, the players will also find themselves making impactful choices that can affect the adventure’s progression and its outcome. By the end of this adventure, new players have seen everything important the game has to offer.

I focus so much on new players because I think the adventure collection is perfectly crafted for them, however of course that doesn’t mean it’s meant only for them. I think that everyone will enjoy the adventures, and the act as a great springboard to move from the small village of Eventide to a wider world, whatever that world is.

Moving past the adventures themselves, I want to make a few more comments about the contents of the supplement. There are several maps included, one for each location of interest the players will visit. The supplement also contains an appendix with 2 magic items, as well as statblocks for several of the creatures encountered. In terms of presentation, everything is well-written and laid out, and the text is interspersed with some beautiful pieces of art – overall, the quality really speaks for itself.

To conclude, Twilight at Eventide is an excellent collection of adventures to begin a new campaign, as well as to introduce new players to the game.

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