DMs Guild Review: Enticing Establishments

Enticing Establishments is a supplement by Chris Markham, containing a large number of shops and shopkeepers for any setting and campaign.

In total, there are 30 shops you can use. There is a wide range of products they deal in; there are weapons and armor, potions and magic items, clothes, all kinds of food, and even services like tattoos, gambling, a brothel, and a bank.

For each shop, there’s plenty of information on how to use it. First of all, you get a description, which you can also read to your players. After that, you have a list of the shop’s wares; this usually includes specific items and their prices. After that, you get a description of the shopkeeper(s), including a small portrait, as well as instructions on how to roleplay them and what their character is like. There’s also a statblock included for every shopkeeper, either an original one or a reference on where to find it (e.g. Noble or Berserker, which are already present in the core books). Finally, there’s also a number of plot hooks associated with the shop – usually for short little quests to fetch or kill something, but there are also some that help the players establish contacts and expand their social circle, or act as a bridge to some other, larger quest or campaign.

All of the shops can be used in any setting of your choice, and most of them can also be used in almost any town or city. Of course, take into account their wares; it wouldn’t make much sense to have a bank or a jeweler in a small village. As I mentioned, there are portraits for every shopkeeper, but there are also illustrations for the shops themselves, which are all well-picked and I like the selection.

Overall, Enticing Establishments is a simple but very useful supplement that can save you a ton of time and effort when it comes to shops and NPCs.

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