#RPGaDay 2022: Day 22 – Who is your current character?

The timing couldn’t be better!

I actually played in a D&D session yesterday, and I even joined as a player! It’s like someone had foreseen this and decided to put this question right at the best time. Otherwise, my answer would be really boring in the form of “I haven’t played in quite a while so I don’t remember” or “I mostly GM so I don’t really have a character”. But no, this time I can talk a bit about a character!

My character is Balasar and he’s a Brass Dragonborn. He’s an Order cleric and follower of Bahamut. The interesting part about him is that he’s also an archaeologist, who’s really interested in restoring lost knowledge related to dragons. While his approach is very simple when it comes to exploring dungeons (always go left and eventually you will find something), it hasn’t disappointed him so far. Maybe he has developed some sort of extra sense that helps him figure out his way around ruins. He even has a hat that wears only when he’s exploring a dungeon.

And I believe that’s my character. I look forward to having another session with him since I’ve got a few ideas. What is your current character and for which system?

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