#RPGaDay 2022: Day 26 – Why does your character do what they do?

We are getting close to the end of this year’s #RPGaDay.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your day is going well and you have a nice weekend planned. We are continuing with more questions about our latest character. This time the question is about why they do what they do. Well, there are a couple of things my character, Balasar, is doing so lets’ go through each one.

Balasar is actively fighting the undead. The reason for that is, mainly, survival. I say mainly because there may be more aspects of his characters that I haven’t explored that could have been affected by the current situation with the undead.

Another thing Balasar is doing is trying to unearth lost knowledge about Dragons. Some of this knowledge could have been lost recently, due to the war, but there can also be much more ancient knowledge that was simply forgotten. Balasar is doing this, partly, because this is the purpose of his Order. However, this is just a means to an end. He wasn’t convinced to join the Order and was tasked with this job. He joined the Order because of his thirst for knowledge. While this can be innocent enough, it could also lead him to darker paths…

And I believe that’s enough for today. Tomorrow is the last question regarding Balasar.

And until next time, have fun!

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