Humble RPG Bundle – Doctor Who RPG by Cubicle7

A new RPG bundle is out and it’s full of space time shenanigans.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full season of Doctor Who. It actually aired here in Greece when I was young during the 10th Doctor time. I was intrigued by the concept but the creatures creeped me out so I couldn’t fully watch it.

Time Lords across all time and space, rejoice! The Doctor Who RPG bundle by Cubicle 7 is here for adventurers of all ages. Grab two six-sided dice and you’ll be traveling to the corners of the universe, ancient Rome, the far future, and any point between. With the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Rulebook (Twelfth Doctor Edition) you’ll get the foundation for your travels, and The Time Traveler’s Companion will help you round out your crew. With material like The Tenth Doctor Sourcebook and dozens more books, you’ll have incredible references to relive some of your favorite Doctor Who stories—all while supporting BBC Children in Need.

This is a nice 27 book bundle that probably has way more than you need to have fun with this RPG. However, I don’t know who would complain about having too many RPG books.

You can check out the bundle here.

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