Humble Bundle – Introduction to Battletech

Mechs are cool.

This bundle has been running for quite a few days now but I got covid and was out of order for a while. Then I had to catch up with work, so you can see why I am late with this.

This is a 28-item bundle, including a physical item which is the beginner box. In fact, this bundle has been so successful so far that the beginner box is out of stock and more will be available in January of 2023. So when I say mechs are cool, I have the data to back this. Recently we have been seeing more RPG bundles featuring physical items, which is nice. Now, if they can make the shipping to non-US destinations bearable then I am going to have a party. Don’t get me wrong, the value of the PDFs is quite good but I do enjoy a physical item every now and then.

Aspiring MechWarriors, are you looking to jump into the BattleTech tabletop armored combat game? Equip yourself with this bundle of over 20 resources and get started on your journey!

This colossal collection features digital rulebooks, field manuals, campaign books, and more—and when you pay $30 or more, you’ll get a physical BattleTech: Beginner Box containing two high-quality miniatures, quick-start rules, a mapsheet, cards, dice, and more from Catalyst Game Labs (US customers only; shipping & handling not included). Plus, your purchase helps support Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society!

You can find the bundle here, which ends around the 17th of December.


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