Humble Book Bundle – Castles & Crusades

A new humble bundle just arrived so, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Looking for a tabletop RPG adventure? Wanna try something new ? Castles & Crusades bundle from Troll Lord Games consists of 37 items including all the necessary tools to begin your quest.

From the Core Rulebook that explains the game’s mechanics, to guidebooks brimming with valuable loot and terrifying monsters, ancient myths to be uncovered, adventures and other resources, this bundle has everything you’ll need to empark on your journey. Dive deep into the world of Castles & Crusades without breaking the bank as a plethora of adventures is at your fingertips, providing endless opportunities to explore uncharted realms and unravel the secrets that lie within.

What caught my eye? #NicoleRecommends

Fungus God from Outer Space

I miss my myconids from Out of the Abyss…

The Monster IS the adventure! The chosen, with ties to magic and the myriad gods, tremble in their beds as an arc of light flashes across the sky, illuming the heavenly bodies before alighting in the Northern plains of the Duchy of Reme bordering the hobgoblin realms of the Deepfells. A great Fungus God from Outer Space now crouches in silence within its crater as an army of star-spawn rises from the putrefied soil. What purpose drives the colossal horror from beyond space and time? The answers may only be known by the bravest and most inquisitive of heroes. Fungus God from Outer Space is an adventure for 4-6 characters of at least 6th-9th level.

Codex Classicum

I am Groot! I mean… I am Greek!

Codex Classicum plunges into the mythological realms of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The myths to the magic, the gods, goddesses, monsters, heroes and legends of the ancients, all brought to life for your Castles & Crusades game. New Classes! New spells! More monsters. Bring the Ancient World to the table!

Beware the Yule Cat

Good kitty… or not!

Welcome to Cold Corners, in the frozen depths of the Northlands! Beware the Yule Cat is a seasonally themed adventure for four to seven characters of levels 4-6. Set in the village of Koldhorn (Cold Corners) and the nearby peak of Snorfjall (Snow Mountain), the adventure incorporates elements of Icelandic legends and monsters, with some background information explaining the tale’s origins. The adventurers arrive in the village of Koldhorn just ahead of a fierce storm on a wintery Yule eve, only to find the villagers unwilling to offer shelter or hospitality. They soon learn that the town is to be visited by the ferocious Jolakotturinn – the Yule Cat – who stalks the streets and devours those who haven’t received new clothes, as well as those who offer them shelter.

I’m closing this one with Heresy of Rot:

Greetings children of the grave… and happy Frog-O-Weeeeeen!! It is I, your host and guide into the unknown… SAM HAIN! Wont you join me? Tonight’s entry into the unknown brings you a tale of woe from the Wilderlands frontier! A shadowy cult preys on the folk of the unsuspecting town of Fetterwald, as a supernatural terror stalks the cornfields. And what lies within the lonely grave of Doctor Coffin?! A ruined manse holds a dark secret while a horror beyond imagining wakes in a nightmarish dream world. Will your characters be too late to stop it? Now lie back in your coffins and enjoy a sip of this frogalicious witch’s brew; it’s sure to absolutely petrify your nerves!

You can find the bundle here, which ends around the 31th of March. At the moment, the price is around €16.84 for everything.

Stay crafty,

Nicole, your new favourite author.

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