I know. I know! I should have written sooner. I really wanted to! But when life gives you university studies….you study. But now that it’s holiday time, I have some free moments to spare! So I thought “Let me inform anyone who follows my blog that I’m not dead”. And also, I would like to give a general update.

These last months have been a bit rough so I didn’t update the blog at all. Well, almost not at all. A couple of weeks ago, I created two new pages. The first one has every official source for D&D 5th Edition Wizards of the Coast has published. It’s actually helpful for me too, since the WotC site is a little confusing. I will update this page whenever new material gets out. The other one is under construction at the moment, but I’m planning to gather as many free, or almost free, or non-free but very good adventures for D&D 5th Edition that are not published by WotC. I have some more plans about similar pages but I will not delve more into the subject now. There is also a kinda big list of posts I should finish writing and another, respectively big, list of posts I should start writing. If (a) I have forgotten a WotC resource, (b) you want to suggest a particular adventure to add on the page or (c) you want me to write about something in particular, you can let me know by mailing me here.

On the subject of my gaming life, since the last time I wrote, I managed to game four times. One was a one-shot on September and the three other games were last week. Two of them were sessions on my main homebrew campaign and the last one was a holiday one-shot. More information about the last one may or may not be posted in the near future. If it weren’t for a small time window that appeared between the last project deadline and the date people started leaving for their homes, I would not have played those three last games. Now, since one of my two regular players has gone home, I can only hope for a one on one session with the other one.

I’ve also tried to keep up with the new content that is being released by WotC and other various publishers. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to buy the Out of the Abyss and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide books, yet. However, I hope I will get them soon and manage to write my thoughts about them. I can’t say anything about the last three Unearthed Arcana articles, either, because I only took a quick look at them, though I’d like to study January’s article. And I should also mention that the errata for the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master Guide has been released.I’ve also been following Absolute Tabletop. Some pretty cool youtube guys gathered and started publishing interesting stuff, such as adventure modules, campaign settings and tools for game masters. You should check them out!

On another note, I may join a homebrew contest on reddit. If my studies allow it, I will finish my homebrew race and bring it to a presentable state before the deadline. However, my schedule indicates otherwise. No matter what happens, I will upload the finished product here, too.

And that’s pretty much my news for now. I’m planning to post at least two more times before the 8th of January and, generally, write more frequently from now on, since it’s something I really enjoy.

So until the next time, have fun!

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