This is another quick update.

I had promised a map and a review for this week. Things don’t usually go as planned.

My father had a heart attack this morning. He had a surgery and is now stable, but not out of danger yet.

Until the situation is better I can’t continue working on (and being stressed about) the blog.

This blog is a work of love and I do it as part of me liking tabletop RPGs. However, since it’s a hobby, at this point of time my priorities must focus completely on my family.

Since I have a review mostly finished, I’ll try to finish and post it at some point. I also need to make some other, RPG related, announcements but I’ll see when I’ll be able to do it. After that, I don’t know.

To the people who have trusted me with their work, I apologise. It will take more time than expected for me to review it. I hope you understand.

Until the next time, be well.