The Kind GM Podcast Episode 2: TPK

I finally manged to finish editing it!

In the latest episode of The Kind GM Podcast, Anastasios and I have a discussion about TPKs, total party kills. Discussion could be a compliment, to be honest, because we end up rambling a lot. But, at least, we enjoyed it!

We also introduce a couple of new segments which I really hope you will enjoy, since they could be used for inspiration for your games. Overall, I am happy to see the podcast is improving, even after only a couple of episodes. There is still a lot of room left for improvement though and, hopefully, in every episode we will see a tiny bit of progress.

But I don’t want to ramble any more. Enjoy!

And if you want to listen to it on SoundCloud, here’s the link! Oh, and your favourite podcasting up will probably update soon and provide you with the episode there as well. Except for Google Podcast. Because Google Podcast hates Greece, meaning it isn’t available here yet.

And until next time, have fun!

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