Quick Update

I will try to be as quick as possible, otherwise the title would be somewhat of a bait.

Mailing list

I have started a mailing list. As I’m starting to create content that isn’t located on the blog, I thought I should set up a mailing list for those who want to keep up with all my content.

You can sign up to the mailing list here. When I start sending emails, I will make sure to do so at a pace that is not annoying. Moreover, I will try to mailing list exclusive content every now and then.


Another thing I did was to create a TeePublic store. Currently, I am only curating cool stuff because I haven’t had the opportunity (nor the time) to create my own designs.


I am in the middle of editing Episode 2 of The Kind GM Podcast. I am late mostly due to some schedule changes that happened the last two weeks. Here’s a tiny spoiler. In the episode I mention that you can send questions we can discuss. You can send those questions at the email podcast.thekindgm@gmail.com

That’s definitely not all I want to talk about but, as promised, I will keep this short. I will have the opportunity to ramble at a later point in time.

And until next time, have fun!

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