Unearthed Arcana: Psionics and the Mystic – Take two

Yes! February’s Unearthed Arcana talks about psionics again!

I’m so excited about this! The first Unearthed Arcana article about psionics and the Mystic is one of my favorites. The Mystic is one of the three classes of 5th Edition that I’ve actually tried. I even made a friend, and player, of mine DM a couple of games for me so I could try the class. And now it’s back and its coolness has increased!

  • The class now goes to 10th level. The core concepts had enough support that we feel confident moving forward with them.
  • Psionics is more flexible. You have a psychic focus, which allows you to pick one discipline and gain a constant, special benefit from it. Otherwise, you can expend points to use any discipline you know.
  • Psionics now includes psionic talents, the equivalent of a spellcaster’s cantrips.
  • Psionic disciplines are now available to all mystics, regardless of mystic order. However, your order grants you a benefit for using its associated disciplines.

Of the two Orders, I personally prefer the Order of the Awakened, mainly for the flavor. And now I get to choose from the Order of the Immortal disciples too?! Sweet! And that is not enough! There are also cantrips, called talents, now!

Before I end this post, I have two more comments about the Mystic. The first is about Mind Thrust. I liked the first version’s Mind Thrust more, but I understand the need to change it.

The second one is that unless the D&D Team already has more material for the Mystic, it may take a while before we see it as an official class. However, I believe that the wait is worth it.

You can read the full article here and download the PDF here.

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