My D&D 30 Day Challenge begins tomorrow!

At last! Exams are over and I can finally pursue my favorite hobby, D&D.

As I promised, I will do the D&D 30 Day Challenge, beginning tomorrow. Hopefully, I will not miss a day, otherwise I will have to do two posts the next day. I find the challenge interesting, since you will learn more things about me(and maybe get some inspiration from the posts) but I will also gain a lot from it. You see, I have never asked myself these questions before and that will make me think more about me as a player and as a DM.


Also, I’ve started reading Out of the Abyss and preparing for the campaign. I kinda had a session zero with my players and they’ve, more or less, made their characters. To be honest, this is going to be a first time where all of my players will come with their characters ready. I don’t blame them, since I haven’t been strict about it and I didn’t really mind. My two regular players make their characters before the game anyway and the new players couldn’t make them alone or I wasn’t able to meet them earlier to help them. But now I really see the importance of having a session zero for a new campaign. It not only adds more flavor to the characters but it also relieves my stress about the first session too.

I will be recording the sessions and I’m thinking of writing reports about them here. Also, when the campaign is over, if there is any interest, I could also post my prepared material.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll back tomorrow with day one of the challenge.

Until the next time, have fun!

Edit: On day 16 I realized I put a picture of an older version of the challenge. Not really that important but here is the revised version.


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