D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 8 – Favorite character you have played

It’s the eighth day of the D&D 30 Day Challenge and I’m here to talk about the favorite character I have played.

To be honest, I haven’t really played much. I prefer being the DM so the times I’ve been the player are limited. However, I have a character that I really liked.

When the first Unearthed Arcana about psionics came out, I really wanted to try the Mystic so a friend(and player) of mine offered to DM for me. I created a Mystic of the Order of the Awakened that was working as an alchemist. He was recruited by a government organization that was investigating a drug that boosted or awakened psionic powers because he was good at his job. Another reason was that he already had awakened his powers and that made him a valuable resource, since mystics were rare in that world.

We didn’t manage to go very far with the story but I really enjoyed the sessions we played. I should ask my friend to DM for me again so I can try the new Mystic.

That was the favorite character I have played. Tomorrow I will tell you about the favorite character I haven’t played.

So until then, have fun!

P.S: I was 3 minutes late but it still counts!

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