D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 9 – Favorite character you haven’t played

This is a hard one. This time I have to tell you about the favorite character I haven’t played.

I don’t really have a favorite character that I haven’t played, to be honest. That is because I prefer DMing much more than playing a single character. There have been some character concepts that I liked and most of them I have tried already.But one that I haven’t yet played is a character with a criminal background. I want him to have gone past his life as a criminal but still be haunted by it. That character will most probably be a human because that’s my favorite race. And also his favorite weapon will be a halberd. Don’t get me started on that! I’ve never seen any character use a halberd yet and it confuses me greatly. Halberds are the best! I’m not sure about the class yet. Probably a fighter or a cleric if him changing his ways was caused by something divine.

Anyway, that’s a character concept I haven’t tried yet and that’s probably my favorite yet. Tomorrow I’ll be back talking about something craziest thing that’s happened to a party, a character or my players.

So until then, have fun!

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