D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 10 – Craziest thing that’s happened that you saw (to party/character/your players etc.)

It’s day 10! I’ve managed to reach day 10 without a lot of problems, which is quite pleasing, and today I’m going to talk about crazy stuff. The challenge’s theme today is the craziest thing I’ve seen happening. That may have happened to a character, to a party or to a player. I haven’t experience lots of crazy stuff, yet, so what I can say is not much. That’s why I may cheat a little and also mention things that a party, a character, or a player did. Let’s begin.

I’ll start with something that happened to a player but only for a specific character. His character was a warlock and spell attack rolls or any roll related to magic would fail horribly or barely succeed. On the other hand, for almost every Strength based skill check he would end up rolling a natural 20 or something above 17. Countless times he would miss targets with his magic and end up tackling them to the ground. He could crush skulls to dust with one hand and break doors like they were twigs. But he could never understand the nature of a magical object or recall magical lore on the first try. I guess he was a special kind of warlock. We laughed so much when the player and I described what he did and it’s one of the characters that I will remember for a long time.

Another event that I wouldn’t call crazy but was kinda entertaining and horrifying at the same time was when my players almost had a TPK at the entrance of a two room dungeon. It was simple. Go in, kill a couple of bad guys, rescue some peasants and get out. However, when the heroes entered the cave, they failed their stealth checks and their perception checks. So they immediately got attacked by two kobolds shooting arrows through some small holes in a wall and, when they decided to move forward, they activated a trap that let rocks fall from the ceiling. However, after that, lady luck decided to help them, a lot.

After the embarrassment at the entrance, the heroes swiftly cleaned the first room of the cave. And in the second one there was the boss, a bugbear, along with the prisoners. What the boss was not expecting, though, was the fighter breaking down the door and critting with his crossbow attack while using his sharpshooter feat. It was the fastest, most awesome and funniest boss death I’ve ever experienced.

I know these aren’t the craziest things you can read on the internet, even for the slightest. But these were my experiences and I hope I can keep gaming so I can get crazier stories to tell in the future. Tomorrow I will be talking about the favorite adventure I have ran. We’ll see how it goes.

So until next time, have fun!

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