D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 11 – Favorite adventure you have ran

On day 11 of the D&D 30 Day Challenge I’m going to tell you which is my favorite adventure.

I won’t count the adventure in my homebrew world because it hasn’t really started. What my players are doing there is actually a prelude for now. So what I’m left with are some small adventures and Out of the Abyss. And I’m going to go with Out of the Abyss. For now, it’s my favorite and in the future it will be one of my favorites.

We only have played one session until now, the first chapter, but it was fun. Everybody enjoys themselves and I like roleplaying the NPCs and rolling a huge amount of dice in preparation for the sessions. I haven’t finished reading the adventure yet but, from what I’ve read, it is going to keep on being a very interesting and fun adventure until the end. Another reason that I like Out of the Abyss that much is because I really like the Underdark and they managed to depict it very well in this adventure.

So that’s my favorite adventure, for now. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with my favorite dungeon type or location. Hmmm…I wonder what it is. Oh well, we’ll see tomorrow.

So until then, have fun!



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