D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 28 – PCs you have sworn off playing

Hello again. It’s day 28. You know, of the D&D 30 Day Challenge. This time I have to talk about PC’s I’ve sworn off playing.

I don’t have a character that I wouldn’t want to play again. Well, I haven’t played many anyways so I made sure everyone I created was interesting.

However, I have decided to try limiting DMPCs to the bare minimum, with zero being the best number. I’ve had to use two DMPCs in two different campaigns because I only had one player. I believe I wasn’t bad at playing them, meaning I actively tried to be just a little helpful in battles and spark some roleplaying moments. Compared to stories I’ve heard about players experiencing DMPCs I did good.

Now that I have, at least, two players and also a little more experience, I prefer to adjust the encounters and use more than just battles. Things are better this way and I don’t have another thing I need to manage.

So that’s my take on today’s topic. Tomorrow I’ll be back with something funny. My most frequently rolled number on a D20.

So until then, have fun!

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