#RPGaDay 2016: Day 23 – How does your group like to start a session?

I’m using an alternate again today!


Today’s original question is: “Share one of your best ‘Worst Luck’ stories.“. I don’t really like these “share a story” questions because I usually try hard to remember one but end up empty handed.

I like starting a session by hanging around the game table and talking before the game. We talk about news, gaming and anything that can pop up in our heads. I find it relaxing and sometimes it helps emptying our heads so we don’t have to talk about other stuff during the session.

Tomorrow’s question is: “What is the game you are most likely to give to others as a gift?”.

So until then, have fun!

9 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2016: Day 23 – How does your group like to start a session?

  1. Reading though my character sheet if I am a player. We only get to play our game two to three times a year for long weekends of gaming so just remembering who I am, what I am doing here and why on earth am I doing it takes a bit of revision.

    We also assemble from many different parts of the country so we tend to arrive individually at the hosts house so there is plenty of time to catch up before the whle group gets there.

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      • I travel the furthest and as one of the GMs I have to carry all my plot and game notes with me. It is amazing how light weight you can make gaming when you need to transport it 200miles. I use public transport rather than driving for those weekends as well as alledgedly there is some alcohol consuption going on as well as dice rolling.

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      • Congratulations on being responsible and not drinking and driving. Also, do you use a laptop or a tablet for your notes? It would be helpful in your situation, even though I prefer paper.


      • I have made a 6 page pdf equivelant of the GM screen with all the main tables I will need. I also print out just the key pages of the rules and put them in the adventure notes right beside where I may need them such as rules for drowning where that is a real threat etc. I use a tablet with all the rules in PDF format but they can be a pain to search through, it is not the same as flipping through a book.

        Mainly I rely on having ‘just enough’ paper that because I can clarify any rules questions without having to resort to the full books the game goes pretty smoothly.

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  2. I recap our previous week’s session, literally with a “Previously On…” like a serialized TV show. It helps bring people into the game, and remind everyone of what was going on. I’ve offered my players a chance to do recaps for Inspiration, but they like mine too much!

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    • I usually get my players to do the recap for Inspiration. But when we haven’t played for a while I do them so they don’t miss any important information.

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  3. My players filter in anywhere from one hour to 15 min before the game. Often we chat and catch up a most of us show up with lunch as well. We try to get some of that urge to chat out of our system before the game. But our group is nicknamed the inanities.So you can imagine it does not work often lol.
    Lucky for us we meet 2 times a week… Some of us three.

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