#RPGaDay 2016: Day 24 – What is the game you are most likely to give to others as a gift?

This is an easy one.


I’ll be answering this question as if I had to give a gift to a beginner in tabletop RPGs.

My answer is D&D 5th Edition and the specific item would either be the Player’s Handbook or the Starter Set.

I have three reasons for choosing this RPG as the gift I would give to others. The first one is that D&D is the most known RPG even out of the gaming circles. When I talk to people about gaming and tabletop gaming, they may know D&D but have never tried playing a tabletop RPG.

The second one is that D&D 5th Edition is pretty easy to learn and fun to play. My opinion is that Bounded Accuracy makes the game easier, since there’s less number crunching than previous editions and the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic makes it really fun.

And the third and last reason is that I’d like another player in my group. Simple as that.

Tomorrow’s question is: “What makes for a good character?”. That’s an interesting question. I may have to ask my players for their opinion. We’ll see.

So until the, have fun!

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