Unearthed Arcana: The Ranger Revised

For the month of September, the D&D team provides a revised version of the Ranger.

Over the past year, you’ve seen us try a number of new approaches to the ranger, all aimed at addressing the class’s high levels of player dissatisfaction and its ranking as D&D’s weakest class by a significant margin.

Last September, the D&D team had provided an alternative version of the Ranger due to the dissatisfaction of the community. This September, they are back with a revised version that, in my opinion, is going to satisfy many of the players that were unhappy.

This Unearthed Arcana class goes up to level 20 and provides three Ranger Archetypes, now called Conclaves. With a quick look, the class looks quite powerful now.

Mike Mearls stated that he expects a couple more revisions to be made to the class but he’s confident because of the feedback they have gathered until. Also, a version that scores high enough will be presented in a future D&D sourcebook.

And as always, a friendly reminder that the Unearthed Arcana content is considered playtest material and should be treated as such.

You can read the full article here and download the PDF here.

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