DMs Guild Review: A Trail of Groundnuts

A Trail of Groundnuts is a short adventure for 1st to 3rd level characters by Jeff C. Stevens.

This adventure can be used along with another product by Jeff C. Stevens, Bale’s Outfitting Outpost (a review of which can be found here), but it can also be ran separately. Any important information from Bale’s Outfitting Outpost are included here as well.

The gnome Bale, who is the owner of Bale’s Outfitting Outpost, asks from the characters to find the horses he rented to some young adventurers that are late returning them. The 190451players now have to track down the party of newbies and find what happened to them.

I really like some of the ideas used here. The tracking part of the adventure has been implemented very well and having to help greenhorns is an interesting idea. Also, the first goblins the characters will meet can be a refreshing comic relief.

The encounters, while simple because they mostly consist of wild animals, fit the theme of the adventure. The final encounter is rather well made and three levels of difficulty are provided for it, which is nice.

The art in the adventure is good. The art style reminds me of the one I’ve seen in books of older D&D editions. Also, as big fan of maps, I should mention that their amount is satisfactory.

Ultimately, A Trail of Groundnuts is a good adventure and can be ran by DMs of any level of experience. It’s an ideal adventure for new players.

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