DMs Guild Review: Journey Through the Center of the Underdark

Journey Through the Center of the Underdark is a compilation of seven encounters by Tony Petrecca.

These encounters are meant to be used in the Out of the Abyss campaign in order to make travel much more interesting and fun. However they can easily be an interesting addition to any adventure in the Underdark or any other underworld.

The layout and editing of the product are very good. The writing is excellent and very easy to read. In fact, I enjoyed reading this product very much. The descriptions are so vivid that draw you inside the scenes. As for notes for the DM, they contain exactly the right amount of information needed.

The encounters are all of them very well made. They are designed for a party of 4 to 6 173593characters of levels 4-5 but vary in difficulty. They also vary in content since they are is a good mix of combat and roleplaying.

Apart from the mechanical standpoint, the encounters are very well thought out. Their story is very good, contain some very interesting NPCs and they do a very good job maintaining the feeling the players and their characters get while traversing the Underdark.

As for the art, the cover art is breathtaking. Unfortunately, no more art is included in the product. However, the superb writing makes up for that since I had no problem visualizing the environment and the NPCs.

Journey Through the Center of the Underdark is an excellent product and if you are planning to run or already running the Out of the Abyss campaign I highly recommend using it.

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