Desert Bus For Hope 10

I’m very excited about this announcement.

In October I talked about an online tabletop RPG convention that donates all the money it raises to Child’s Play Charity. This time I want to talk about another event that’s associated with Child’s Play, even though it doesn’t only have to do with tabletop RPGs.

This event is called Desert Bus for Hope and it’s amazing. It’s organized primarily by a comedy troupe called Loading Ready Run, however over the years it has become something much bigger. If you’ve not heard of them then check out their website and their Youtube and Twitch channels. They produce an incredible amount of quality content. But I’m not here to talk about them now, even though I’m a big fan.

So Desert Bus of Hope is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $3.1 million for Child’s Play over its nine-year history. But how do they do that? Simple. They play one of the worst games in the history of gaming, called Desert Bus(duh!). It’s a mini-game from the game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors which simulates the eight-hour long bus drive between Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

That’s all good. It’s a bad game that takes eight hours to finish. But how can this raise all that money? Now that’s the golden question. This fundraiser’s duration is connected to the amount of the donations raised each year. That means, the more money the people donate, the more time the players have to endure the torment of playing this game. And if it hasn’t become clear yet, when the fundraiser begins it doesn’t stop until the time has ran out. So you can watch this wherever you are in the world.

Now this may take some time(usually more than 100 hours). So why should you go watch a bunch of people play this boring game? Well, apart from the drivers, there is a team of people just for the entertainment of the viewers! But apart from the silliness they provide there are many more things you can’t miss! We’re talking about auctions, contests, giveaways and celebrity guests!

These auctions and giveaways are absolutely amazing. You should be expecting a lot of geeky items ranging from cool handmade stuff and comics to D&D and MtG bundles! Words can’t describe how awesome the items that are going to be on auction so you should go to the website and see for yourselves!

I’m really excited for this event and I can’t wait for it to begin! It begins on November 12, at 10am PST. You shouldn’t miss the start because they always begin with a bang.

And until next time, have fun!


P.S: You should be prepared for many surprises. Seriously, get ready.


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