Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian Primal Paths

For the month of November, the D&D team provides three new Primal Paths for the Barbarian. Also, there are some interesting news.

The three Primal Paths are the Path of the Ancestral Guardian, the Path of the Storm Herald, and the Path of the Zealot.

The Barbarians following the Path of the Ancestral Guardian call upon the spirits of their ancestors to aid them in battle and protect their allies. While raging, you can have the spirits hinder and damage your enemies or help your allies by transferring your resistances to them.

As for the Path of the Storm Herald, the Barbarian’s fury turns into primal magic. The style of that magic depends on the terrain you choose: desert, sea and tundra. While raging you emanate an aura in a 10-foot radius. Inside that radius, allies get benefits and enemies get punished.

The Path of the Zealot Barbarians are followers of a deity that inspires them to turn their rage into powerful displays of divine power.They have the favor of that god and can be more easily brought back to life, bolster their allies and keep on fighting even when they should be dead.

I like the flavor of all of the three Primal Paths. Some features might need tweaking but I believe the D&D team is doing a good job. Once again, this is playtest material and it should be treated as such.

Now moving on to the news. In the next few months there are going to be multiple Unearthed Arcana articles each month. The articles are going to be released on Mondays and they will be accompanied by a survey, as usual. This means more D&D 5e content and, as an Unearthed Arcana fan, I’m excited.

You can read the full article here and download the PDF here.

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