Unearthed Arcana: Bard Colleges

In the second Unearthed Arcana for this month, the D&D team provides two new Bard Colleges.

They are not the first Bard Colleges introduced in an Unearthed Arcana article, since two more were released last January. These two Colleges are the College of Glamour and the College of Whispers.

The College of Glamour is fey themed. Bards of this College have mastered their craft in the Feywild. They can change their appearance in order to protect themselves and their allies and also charm and control their enemies.

The College of Whispers is quite darker. These Bards can manipulate others, magically enhance their weapons and adopt a creature’s persona when it dies. This College has a bad reputation so its Bards avoid revealing their nature in order to infiltrate settings of power.

I like the flavor of these Colleges. Both of them seem to have the same goals but their approaches are quite different. I believe they might need a little bit of more work but they look good. And don’t forget, this is playtest material and it should be treated as such.

And last but not least, the survey for the Barbarian Primal Paths is out and can be found here.

You can read the full article here and download the PDF here.

2 thoughts on “Unearthed Arcana: Bard Colleges

  1. Agreed, I actually like both of these. The previous Colleges I was kind of “meh” – but these have real potential. The flavor text on features in Whisper was a bit off, at least for my world, but that is easy enough to change.


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