DMs Guild Review: Sundered Realms Player’s Guide

The Sundered Realms Player’s Guide is a supplement by Rich Lescouflair.

It is an introduction to the lands, history and races of Anchorome, a continent in the Forgotten Realms. To be exact, this supplement covers the lands of Revonar and the island of Dari Sinora.

The supplement is divided in two parts. The first one describes the character options available in the Sundered Realms and the second one provides a brief history of the lands before and after the Shattering as well as some current events.175120

The character options contained in the first part are three subraces, a new race which has two subraces of its own, two race variants and two subclasses. An interesting feat is also mentioned but is not provided in this product; it’s described in another supplement.

One of the subraces is for the Dwarves and it’s called the Dune Dwarf. The other two are for the Elves and their names are Umbrisse(or Twilight Elf) and Avarial(or Winged Elf). As for the variants, one is for the Half-Orcs, called Children of Gavdra, and the other is for the Tieflings and it’s called Plane-Touched Abyssal.

The new race is the Feyblood and, as the name states, it’s a hybrid between a mortal and a fey spirit. As I mentioned before, the race has two subraces, the Skyborn and the Earthborn.

These options seem fairly balanced. However, not only they’re balanced but each of these options has a trait that compliments the story and flavor provided for its race. For example, Dune Dwarves are desert nomads and thus they can travel for a longer amount of time under extreme heat or cold before they have to roll a Saving Throw against being exhausted.

As for the races that didn’t get any extra options but are native to Anchorome, enough information about their cultures is provided. This compliments very well the second part of the supplement which talks about the land.

The new subclasses are interesting as well. The Spirit Shaman is a Sorcerous Origin. You choose a spirit that is associated with one of the eight primary damage types and that affects the benefits you are granted by the features of this class. The features range from extra damage to resistances, reduced damage and even damage immunity. Some of the features can also be used to help your allies or hinder your foes. While personally I’d like the Shaman to be a class by itself, I found the Spirit Shaman quite interesting and also well balanced.

The second subclass is a Martial Archetype called Rune Guard. You can inscribe runes on items giving them various properties. As your skill with runes becomes greater, you will be able to activate more runes at once, control the energies within the runes and also gain some control over the items that have your runes inscribed onto them. Most of the runes available can be inscribed on weapons or armor but there’s a couple of them that can be inscribe onto any item or trinket.

The second part of the supplement begins with a brief history of the land before and after the Shattering, which is also known as the Spellplague. After that, Revonar and Dari Sinora are broken down into smaller regions and information about them is provided. There’s also a map of Revonar and Dari Sinora which includes all the regions mentioned.

Ultimately, the Sundered Realms Player’s Guide is a rich supplement whose purpose is to prepare the DM and the players for the Sundered Realms storyline. If you’re planning to run these adventures, you and your players should check out this supplement. And even if you don’t, it’s a good source of character options for players and inspiration for DMs.


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