2016 Goals Review

Happy new year! Finally, 2016 is gone and 2017 has taken its place. And now that it’s gone, the time has come to review it.

Last December I set some goals for 2016. These goals had to do with the blog and me as a GM. So now I’m going to see how many I managed to accomplish and set a couple of new ones for 2017. Of course, during the last year, some of them changed, others were given less importance, and some others made their appearance. I expect this to happen this year as well. Let’s begin.

Write more frequently. My actual goal was to write at least once a week. That means 4 articles a month or 52 a year. In reality I wrote more than that and it makes me very happy.

Make the blog look better. I’ve been trying different things every now and then. Some of them are visible, others are not. I consider this goal not accomplished because I believe there is more room for improvement

Play with the social media. I had mentioned last year that I already had created a twitter account. That was one of the best moves I could have done. Twitter has an amazing tabletop RPG community and I’m so glad to be part of it. I’ve also created accounts for other social media. I have a Facebook page now. Also, if you want to see photos of geeky things you can follow me on Instagram. Other stuff may also pop up from time to time such as food stuff, video game stuff and others. Finally, if you use google plus(surprisingly it has a very strong tabletop RPG community) you can also follow me there.

Provide homebrew material. This is one of the goals whose priority was lowered. One of the reasons is the announcement of the DMs Guild, which led me to the decision to wait and see how it goes. I’ve been thinking if I should publish some of my content there. The DMs Guild is a place filled with amazing content and I’d really like to be a part of it.

Maps! This was harder than I thought it would be. Drawing world maps is hard and I’m still doing research on how to draw them. There are many resources out there and I want to check out most of them. I’ve made some good progress but my world maps aren’t presentable yet. On the other hand, I’ve made greater progress on “dungeon” maps. They are clearly much easier to draw than world maps. A huge source of inspiration for me is Dyson and his amazing maps. I believe you should already know about him and, if you don’t, you should check out his maps. But I digress. You can expect dungeon maps on the blog this year. As for world maps, I can’t make that promise.

Play more. I think I played more than last year and that’s good. We haven’t established a schedule, however, because life can be crazy and, trust me, it has been. We started playing Out of the Abyss along with a homebrew world of mine. However, in the second half of 2016 I decided for most of our sessions to play Out of the Abyss for various reasons. Also, this lets me work on my world without any particular time restraints. I also want to play more Open Legend. One of my players has showed a great interest in it and he may be the GM for some sessions.

These were the goals I had set for 2016. Some of them were updated and moved to the goals of 2017. And now, here’s the goal for this year.

Increase the quality and maybe the quantity of the content. This is the main goal for this year. Last year, I had the goal of establishing a writing frequency. Now I want to improve a little more. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the frequency has to go up but I will try really hard to increase the quality of the content.

I have some ideas on how to do that. There are probably going to be some new series of articles coming up soon. A couple of them are already under production while others are in the brainstorming stage. As for the current series, they are going to continue and some that haven’t had an update for some time they will get resurrected. Also, if you want me to write about something specific please let me know. I’m always open to new ideas and I’d really love to get suggestions from you.

And that’s all for now. These are the goals for this year. Well, at least for now. Probably there are going to be changes again but that’s okay.

As for my health, I am better now. I’m not in as much pain now but it’ll take me a couple more weeks for a full recovery. However, I will start posting more regularly again so you should be expecting some content this week.

So until next time, have fun!

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