#RPGaDay 2017: Day 9 – What is a good RPG to play for about 10 sessions?

I don’t have a specific RPG in mind.


I understand that some systems are better when it comes to faster play. Some other systems are better for running long campaigns. However, I don’t think they can’t be used for a 10 session campaign. They can definitely be modified to fit this role.

For example, if I wanted to run a 10 session campaign with D&D 5e I know what I’d have to do. First of all, the characters would start from level 3, at least. During the first 2 levels, most classes haven’t chosen their archetype and things are a bit slower. As for leveling,  the milestone system is by far the best for this situation. In fact, I already use it in every campaign because it’s very flexible.

For the combat encounters, I wouldn’t use a lot of small enemies. Instead, I’d use smaller groups of more powerful enemies. This means, less monsters to control, which means faster combat. Of course, I am confident enough to believe that I’d either keep the difficulty of the encounters the same, or shift it a bit in favor of the monsters. Making it easier for the players makes things less fun.

Also, I’d totally check if I can use some optional rules from the Dungeon Master’s Guide in order to speed up play. For example, from the top of my head, the optional rule for cleave attacks is the one I’d definitely use because it can speed up combat a bit and also make the players feel more badass.

Finally, having well prepared sessions saves a ton of time. If you don’t have to flip through a book every 10 minutes can actually let you finish an extra encounter that you’d have to leave for the next session. Having a good way of keeping track of initiative and knowing what your monsters can do also save a lot of time.

And that’s how easy it is to run a 10 session campaign in D&D 5th Edition. However, I don’t think this can be done only with D&D 5th Edition or systems made for fast play. I strongly believe that a GM who is experienced with a system can easily use it to run a 10 session campaign. You don’t have to learn a new system in order to run shorter campaigns. Use what you feel most comfortable with and I am sure you’ll do great.

And that’s my answer for today’s question. It’s probably not what you expected but it’s my sincere opinion. So, what’s the RPG you feel comfortable using for a 10 session campaign?

Tomorrow’s question is “Where do you go for RPG reviews?”. I guess I’ll have to answer with something other than “myself”, right?

So until then, have fun!

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