#RPGaDay 2017: Day 28 – What film or series is the most-frequent source of quotes in your group?

This is a funny question.


Probably most groups use quotes from movies or series. Even not so funny quotes become much funnier when used at the right time during a session. Sometimes I even grant Inspiration if a quote makes me laugh a lot.

As for my group, the movies we usually draw quotes from are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and sometimes Star Wars. Of course, another great source of quotes is previous sessions or campaigns. I believe these ones are even better, because it’s something the group has created in the past and has greater value for them.

However, as a GM, I have a favorite quote. When the session ends and I want to ask my players if they had fun, I usually say:


And that’s my answer to today’s question. While I answered with three movies, I’m sure there are a few more that I probably can’t remember right now. My question for you is what is your favorite quote when you are GMing?

Tomorrow’s question is “What was the best-run RPG crowdfunding campaign you have backed?”.

So until then, have fun!


2 thoughts on “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 28 – What film or series is the most-frequent source of quotes in your group?

  1. When I first saw the title the first thing that come to mind was Holy Grail Quotes. These have been a classic at my table and even my 13 your son can be heard “I’m dead yet” and “tis only a flesh wound” LOL! There are just way to many to name from this movie. But when the rogue looks at the party straight faced and recommends building a giant badger the night normally ends there.

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