Monsters – Even More Pumpkins!

It’s time to give last Friday’s pumpkin some friends!

Last Friday I created a really big and hungry pumpkin. If you haven’t already checked it out you should. It’s awesome.  However, the Devourer Pumpkin was lonely, and also couldn’t raid villages without its friends so I created two more pumpkins.

So this Friday I have for you the Spitter Pumpkin and the Headbutter Pumpkin. I know the names aren’t that original, but you should blame the people that have named them. They didn’t really care about their names because their main concern was to survive a pumpkin horde that was attacking their village.

Spitter Pumpkin

The Spitter Pumpkin isn’t really interested in eating, counter to its larger sibling. What it really loves and pursuits is chaos. It isn’t deadly but it’s strong enough to be annoying. It’s the only one of the Horror Pumpkins that’s small enough to be mistaken for a pumpkin, and takes advantage of that. They like hiding among other pumpkins and start shooting their seeds to people. When they shoot they immediately move, in order to confuse the targets for both their location and the actual number of Spitter Pumpkins attacking them. Their size, apart from being an advantage, is also a great disadvantage. Their vines haven’t grown enough to be used as weapons so their only use is for movement. That’s why they immediately retreat when an enemy comes near them.

Headbutter Pumpkin

These ones have a really bad temper. They like charging right into combat and tackle enemies, hoping they can make them fall down. While their vines have grown enough to be used as weapons, they prefer using them to boost their speed. They are larger than the Spitter Pumpkins but definitely smaller than the Devourer Pumpkins. They will eat people but only if they are the ones to kill them.

And with these two, the trio of Pumpkin Horrors is complete. These three types, if combined, can create havoc anywhere they go.

You can find the stat block of the Spitter and Devourer Pumpkins here. There’s also a printer friendly version which can be found here.

I hope you find them useful, or at least funny. If you end up using them in your games, I’d love to know how it went.

And until next time, have fun!


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