Map – The Smugglers of Anohr Cove

I think I’m getting used to this Monday map thing.

I had decided to post the last part of the Daorm caves this week but last night I changed my mind. I wanted to try drawing something different and I ended up making a cove. However, it’s not just a cove.

Click on the map for a larger version(No grid).

Smugglers have established a very nice hideout and conduct business from here. They use the natural cave as a decoy. When visitors come to make deals with the smugglers, they go to the cave. There’s always a group of smugglers there so it looks like it’s their actual hideout. In fact, the hideout has been carved inside the rock and the entrance is hidden.

A place of interest is a natural cave inside the rock. There’s an underwater passage that connects it with the sea so that’s probably how it was formed. The smugglers had planned to use it as an emergency exit in case things went bad. However, they recently acquired a set of magical seashells that grant the ability to breathe underwater, so now they use it as a way to send divers out. The divers are used for ambushes, if they know that a deal is fake and want get the upper hand in the upcoming battle, but also to explore ships that have crushed on the cliffs and sunk.

A few years back, when the smugglers were hit really bad by a raid, they decided to create an outpost that would be used to spot ships. They carved a small outpost on a small beach close to them. There’s a ledge on the cliffs and they managed to create a staircase that leads to it. The entrance to the ledge is hidden and looks like it’s part of the cliff. There’s always a couple of smugglers up there, scanning the area for any ships.

Click on the map for a larger version(Grid).

Creative Commons License

Cartography by Christos Karelis, also known as The Kind GM, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

For now, I’ll be releasing the maps under the above Creative Commons License, but this may change in the future.

I hope you will find this map useful. If you end up using this map please let me know how you used it. Also, any feedback would be really helpful. I kept the thicker inking of the exterior walls, due to positive feedback. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

And until next time, have fun!


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