Random Ramblings #6: Sorry I’m Late Edition

I’m late and I know it.

How are you? For me it has been a really stressful and exhausting week so far. That’s why my posts have been a bit delayed and I apologize. I don’t want to make you wait any more so let’s begin.

My gaming group

We got to game last Sunday, as it was scheduled. Actually, we played for almost 6 hours which was a lot more than expected. The fact that we played so much means that there’s only one session left for the Out of the Abyss campaign. We’ve scheduled the last session for tomorrow afternoon. I’m really excited but I’ve got some extra prep to do because I need to buff the stats of the demon lords a little bit. The group seems to be a bit too powerful and it’d be a pity if they finished with an anticlimactic battle.

A highlight of the session was when the player of the Paladin/Warlock of the Raven Queen asked me if he could use a Smite to charge a Warlock spell. Since it was a battle with Juiblex, and story wise it seemed that this would be doable, I let him roll with disadvantage. He got double 20s. It felt glorious. I really like seeing my players happy, even at the cost of removing a chunk of my demon lord’s hit points. 

Sunday was also GM’s day. One of my players gave me an amazing wooden die that he made himself. I am still amazed by it and I’ve placed it on my desk so it’s always visible when I’m sitting there.

This is awesome!


The next campaign

Since the Out of the Abyss will be over tomorrow, I have to decide what to run next. I ran a poll on Twitter with some of the Wizards of the Coast adventures and the winner was Curse of Strahd.

I liked the idea because I could use the Tarokka deck. However, one of my players vetoed it. I believe it may be because Out of the Abyss has a flavor that may be partially shared with Curse of Strahd. I’ll have to think about it a bit more and then give a list of campaigns to my players to vote on. The ones I’m thinking about are:

  • Storm King’s Thunder
  • Tomb of Annihilation
  • Tales from the Yawning Portal
  • Princes of the Apocalypse
  • Homebrew

Do you have any experience with the Wizards of the Coast adventures mentioned above? If yes, I’d love some comments on them to help me decide.

Dungeon Master Jam reminder

This is a reminder about the Dungeon Master Jam that’s going on. More people have joined which is nice. It means I’ll have a lot more work during the judging period but, overall, it’s good for the hobby to have more people creating adventures. Consider joining. Check out the tweet below for all the info you may need. You have very little time left.


I’ve started working on an adventure

Speaking of adventure design, I have started working on an adventure. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea at the moment because I’m already spread too thin, but I was drawing a map the other day and I couldn’t resist writing a few notes about it. Then I realized that it may be a better idea to make it a full adventure.

I don’t know how or when I’ll be able to finish it but there’s no deadline for now so I’m not going to get stressed for that as well. However, I really want to publish an adventure because it feels exciting so I hope I’ll get the time. There are quite a few things to figure out but I believe I’ll make it.

I’m not sure if I should talk about these

Speaking of work, I’ve started doing some RPG related freelance work. I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about it because I haven’t asked so I’ll leave it to that. Hopefully, this will help me because I’m in a bit of a pickle and some extra income would be more than helpful. 

Moreover, I’ve doing some playtesting for an RPG. That’s another thing I’m not sure if I should be talking about so I’ll leave it at that for now. I should probably ask if it’s okay.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Speaking of playtesting, the Pathfinder 2nd Edition has been announced, along with its playtesting plans. I’m really interested in it, as I wanted to delve a bit into Pathfinder. Now I may just wait for the 2nd edition to be released. I’ll probably join the playtest, which officially launches on August 2, 2018. Everything you need to know can be found here.

The material will be free on the Paizo website when the playtest begins. However, there are going to be limited-edition print versions of some of the material. I have a thing for physical copies so I’ll have to check if it’s possible for me to get copies of them. The issue is that I live in Greece so it will probably be harder and more expensive for me to acquire them.


I managed to back the two Kickstarters I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago. The Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master Kickstarter has ended(successfully) and the Strongholds & Streaming one has less than 24 hours left. Also, S&S is now in the top 100 Kickstarters of all time.

Both will deliver around autumn but I can wait that much. I will try to post some updates on them from time to time.

Open Legend Kickstarter

Speaking of Kickstarter projects, the physical copies from the Open Legend RPG Kickstarter will be here soon, hopefully. In one of the recent updates, it was mentioned that the books have arrived in the US and are close to getting shipped to the backers. Since I live in Europe, it will take a bit more for me because the warehouse has to send the copies in their EU warehouse and from there to the backers. However, it’s really close. Hopefully they will arrive in April which was the month of the expected pledge fulfillment month. Last year.

And that’s all for now. It has been a really busy week with a lot of news as well. Hopefully, the upcoming week will be less stressful so my mind can relax a bit and I can get back to writing more consistently. But now I’ll have to leave you because I need to finish my preparation for tomorrow’s game. It’s going to be an awesome session.

And until next time, have fun!


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