DMs Guild Review – Ravenhome

Ravenhome is an adventure for a party of level 1 to 2, by Christian Eichhorn.

The Structure

This adventure actually features two stories set in the village of Ravenhome. It is divided in two chapters, one for each story.

The first one is called Rodents of Unusual Size. The village is plagued by rats and the characters will have to find out what’s going on and deal with it. While the “go kill some rats” plot hook isn’t a unique idea by itself, in this case it has been implemented very nicely, making it different and worth playing.

Before the characters can go deal with the pests and their leader, they will get the chance Ravenhometo interact with some NPCs in the village and also do some investigation. Even if they can’t make well use of the clues that will make the story advance, some encounters are included to help them with it. After that, there’s a small dungeon delve, where they will face the being behind the rat attacks.

The second chapter contains the Pied Piper story. The characters will have to investigate the disappearances of the village’s children. It follows the same structure as the first story, meaning there’s an investigation part and a dungeon delve part.

In both stories, the adventure gives a couple of ways to deal with the situations presented. There is the obvious one, which is charging in and fighting everything in sight. This can lead to resolving the issues but in both cases can also have bad consequences. It makes the characters, and the players, think because it shows them in a clear way that there is, indeed, a possibly better solution.

The Art

The cover art is really nice. There’s more inside which is featured as background art but nothing else.

The maps are good as well. There are maps of the village and the caves beneath, which is where a lot of the adventure takes place, so everything is covered.

Final Words

Overall, Ravenhome is an interesting and well written set of adventures. I believe it can be a good adventure to begin a campaign. It could also be used as an introductory adventure for new players, because it features all three pillars of adventure but introduces them slowly into the game.


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