Random Ramblings #7: Found Some Time to Write This Edition

Hello everyone. I’m back with another Random Ramblings installment.

My father is out of the ICU so I have relaxed a bit. He will stay in the hospital for a few more days but he’s better now and I can see him more during the day. Thank you everyone for your kind words and wishes. I greatly appreciate it.

Now that I’m not that stressed, I have found the time to write about a few things. I wanted to mention them earlier but things tend to not go as planned. Let’s begin.

Dungeon Master Jam

The Dungeon Master Jam is over. Six people entered and all of them did a good job. You can now get the bundle of the adventures created for the Jam here. Here’s a few reasons why you should give it a look:

  • It’s a bundle of 6 adventures for 2$. It currently is in the top 50 of the DMs Guild!
  • You get to experience the writing of six different people. This can give you ideas on how to improve your adventure writing, as well as get better at preparing your sessions.
  • You will get inspired to join the next Jam. Some of the people who participated have limited experience with publishing adventures but did great. There’s nothing stopping you from entering the next one.

Speaking of the next one, it’s going to be much sooner than you may expect so start preparing. I’m not sure if it has been officially announced so I won’t spoil it. If you are already in the Jam’s Discord server then you already know.

One Page Dungeon Contest

Since I’m talking about adventure writing contests, I should mention that the One Page Dungeon Contest has already begun. You still have time so you should definitely try it out. It’s actually the 10th year of the contest and that’s no small feat. I’ve been enjoying the content from this contest for the last few years and I was going to enter it if things were a bit better for me at this point of time. Oh well, there’s always the next year.


I had mentioned I’ve been doing some RPG related freelance work. Thankfully, I managed to turn in my work before things went downhill. However, I won’t be doing any more work probably until July, because of extra work and family responsibilities. This also affects the other personal side projects I’ve been working on and partially the blog as well. I need to prioritize my family and the work on my thesis so I have no choice.

Character Creation Tables

Today I found the time to update the Character Creation Tables. They are now up to date with both the Plane Shift and Unearthed Arcana documents. However, there’s another reason I wanted to mention them here. Apparently, the tables are now a Copper Best Seller! I have no idea when that happened but it’s a thing now. I’m really happy about it because people have found the tables useful enough to actually spend money on them. I have some plans on how to make them even better but they will have to wait, just like everything else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I haven’t played in a game since early April and haven’t GMed any games since late February. GMing is on pause. At least I get to play a bit in my friend’s Open Legend campaign which is nice. I’ve been thinking about writing session reports here on the blog. I’ll probably start doing it at some point so I hope this is something you may enjoy.

New Blog

Speaking of my friend, he has started a blog. There are already two posts up, containing a new item and a new monster. There are stats for both D&D 5e and Open Legend RPG. So please, go give him some love and also enjoy the new content. I’ve been nagging him to create PDF versions of his creations so that’s something to expect.

And that’s all for now. I know this is a very short and hastily written Random Ramblings installment but the time I can spend on the blog now is really limited. I have promised to post a review as well and it will probably be up this week. Thank you for your patience and, hopefully, I’ll be back soon.

And until next time, have fun!

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